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6 Amazing Wilderness Hostels for Backpackers Around the World

6 Amazing Wilderness Hostels for Backpackers Around the World

 6 Amazing Wilderness Hostels for Backpackers Around the World

6 Amazing Wilderness Hostels for Backpackers Around the World

Ranging from the misty wilds of Central America, where howler monkeys patrol the trees and multi-coloured frogs hop in the undergrowth, to the humid heights of northern Vietnam and the snowy reaches of the Slovak Tatras, this list of 6 Amazing Wilderness Hostels for Backpackers Around the World is sure to inspire some wanderlust. Get the walking boots, skis and surfboards ready! Enjoy…

Lost and Found Ecohostel, Panama

6 Amazing Wilderness Hostels for Backpackers Around the World

Set high in the misty hills and cloud forests of the Fortuna Reserve in western Panama, the Lost and Found Ecohostel is hailed as the “most amazing jungle experience”. Shrouded by waxy palm boughs and the canopies of primeval rainforest, the spot seems to protrude almost organically from the Panamanian wilds. The chirping of howler monkeys and spider monkeys echos all around, while multi-coloured moths and butterflies flutter by through the sultry breezes. Waterfalls crash through the jungles too, the Gualaca River offers canyons and caves, and there’s mile upon mile of hiking trails to explore to boot. Surely one of the most Amazing Wilderness Hostels for Backpackers Around the World.

My Tra Homestay, Sa Pa

6 Amazing Wilderness Hostels for Backpackers Around the World today

Simple, rustic and welcoming from the get go, the My Tra Homestay sits encompassed by the countless shades of green that form the cascading rice paddies of northern Vietnam. Constructed in the traditional half-timbered style of the Hmong peoples, surrounded by age-old bamboo village huts, weavers and bucolic workshops of the local folk, the hostel is perfect for those who want to taste the raw, earthy and less touristic side of Sa Pa. Of course hiking is one of the major draws, and the owners organise regular treks to the 3,100 meter top of Fansipan Mountain (a chiselled and breathtaking peak that’s the highest in all of Indochina) and Sa Pa Lake alike. Alternatively, travelers can just kick-back with a cup of traditional Viet tea and watch as the mists cast a shadow over the surrounding hills.

The Ginger Monkey, Slovakia

The Ginger Monkey, Slovakia

Image credit: unhooknow.blogspot

Set deep in its own fold of the High Tatra Mountains, between swathes of fir forests and the jagged hills that form the very border between Poland and Slovakia, The Ginger Monkey has risen to become something of a legendary stopover for backpackers eager to taste the wilder side of Central-Eastern Europe. Done out like a traditional highlander cabin, dressed in timbers and with slanting, snow-resistant roofs, the hostel is run by the welcoming duo of Jimbo and Richie – ex-travelers themselves. Activity wise there’s oodles on the menu, ranging from rafting on the Dunajec River to skiing on the Tatra peaks, from mountain biking through the spruce and fir woods to scaling the mountain heights to the top of Rysy, the highest peak in all of Poland!

7 Fells Hostel, Finland

7 Fells Hostel, Finland - 6 Amazing Wilderness Hostels for Backpackers Around the World

A long way above the border of the Arctic Circle, where the wild fells of northern Finland dominate the landscape and the wind-blasted trees of the Arctic forest belt pepper the valleys, the 7 Fells Hostel offers an escape at the very end of the world. The spot comes complete with front-row seats for nightly shows of the Northern Lights, that ubiquitous Finnish sauna and great access to the cross-country ski trails that weave around the hinterlands outside of Ylläs. The hostel also offers tea and coffee gratis (great for warming up after a jaunt through Lapland) and is completely eco-friendly to boot!

Wilderness Beach House Backpackers Lodge, South Africa

Perched on the rugged cliffs that cascade down to the Southern Ocean where the verdant hills and escarpments of the Garden Route meet the sea, the Wilderness Beach House Backpackers Lodge is one of the most wonderfully situated backpacker digs on the planet! Salt-spray from the rollers of Leentjiesklip Bay rise up from below, while swaying gardens of milkwood trees and gorse surround the old whitewashed beach hut and its panoramic decks. Travelers can opt to kick back and read while watching surfers conquer the swells in the distance, or wax up the walking boots and hit the fynbos-clad hills of the beautiful Wilderness National Park nearby.

Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort, United States

Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort, United States - 6 Amazing Wilderness Hostels for Backpackers Around the World

The Yosemite Bug Rustic Mountain Resort is a fusion of a resort hotel and backpacker hostel that can be found right on the cusp of America’s legendary Yosemite National Park. Complete with dorms and privates and suites, the spot attracts a mix of older hikers and shoestring travelers, all of whom are eager to spy out majestic sights like the cascading Yosemite Falls, the soaring peaks of El Capitan and the Half Dome, the colossal Giant Sequoias of southern Yosemite and oodles, oodles more outdoorsy attractions besides. Add to that regular campfire nights and a lively country-style bar on-site, and bingo: Bug is one darn fine wilderness hostel to say the least!

These are just 6 Amazing Wilderness Hostels for Backpackers Around the World, there are thousands of amazing wilderness retreats out there to find and explore. Let us know of any cool hostels you have found.

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