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6 of the most beautifully situated campsites in the world

6 of the most beautifully situated campsites in the world

Discover 6 of the most beautifully situated campsites in the world and feel inspired to go camping

These are just 6 of the most beautifully situated campsites in the world that are great for family holidays in nature, and escaping the tourist traps of big cities. From clifftop campsites with sweeping panoramas of the South Wales coast, to desert-shrouded pitches on the edge of the mighty Grand Canyon, outdoorsy island grounds with front-row seats over the sea to forested tent spots in the shade of colossal sequoias, this list of six of the world’s most beautifully situated campgrounds is sure to put the wanderlust on high alert!

Troytown Campsite, England

6 beautifully situated campsites in the world

Isolated out in the roaring swells of the Celtic Sea, Troytown Campsite is unquestionably one of the most attractive spots to pitch the tent on the Isles of Scilly. Butting up to the western edge of beautiful St Agnes island, the site boasts sweeping views of the grass-clad shorelines and the rocky beaches that fringe thier way around the coves and crevices of the coast to the north and south. Given the westerly orientation, it’s hardly surprising that Troytown is hailed as one of the finest spots to kick-back under canvas and watch the sunset on the archipelago. The converted farm also boasts a collection of on-site cottages for rent, along with fantastic access to the enchanting beaches of Beady Pool, complete with its relics of shipwrecks, and Whitepar, with its hoodoo-like stacks of rock.

Jedediah Smith Campground, California

6 of the most beautifully situated campgrounds in the world

No list of the world’s most beautiful campsites could possibly be complete without at least a quick detour into the trails of the mighty redwood forests of northern California. That’s precisely where travelers will find the wonderful pitches of the Jedediah Smith Campground, shrouded on all sides by the canopies on the fringes of the Klamath National Forest, encircled by the babbling streams of the Smith River (perfect for fishing and kayaking), and overlooked by some of the biggest giant sequoia trees in the world! Of course, hiking the paths that delve deep into the woods here is one of the top attractions, while jaunts to the salt-sprayed Pacific cliffs and beaches are also on the menu!

Camping Bled, Slovenia

slovenia 6 of the most beautifully situated campsites in the world

Nestled in a small enclave of the Julian Alps, just on the edge of the postcard-perfect waters of Slovenia’s Lake Bled, Camping Bled is a self-proclaimed glamping (glamourous camping) site. With breathtaking views of the lake’s fairy-tale, castle-topped island, the various lawns and pitches here come shrouded by pine tree groves and craggy limestone outcrops. Access to the area’s countless biking and hiking trails is easy, while there are some more upscale camping options for those looking for a spot of luxury in nature: wooden huts with heated floors and their very own al fresco hot tubs!

North Rim Campground, Arizona

6 of the most beautifully situated campsites in the world today

Set tenuously just on the edge of the mighty Grand Canyon, within easy reach of the bucket-list-bursting reserves of the less-trodden North Rim, this acclaimed campsite makes for one truly unforgettable spot to pitch the tent while working your way through the wildernesses of the US. Away from the uber-popular lookouts on the south side of the great gorge, the surrounding area offers travelers the chance to spy out endangered bald eagles, delve into the winding trails that pierce into the ponderosa pine forests all around, and see the mind-boggling array of geological wonders evident in the rocks of the otherworldly Kaibab Plateau.

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Three Cliffs Bay Campsite, Wales

6 of the most beautifully situated campsites in the world

The trio of craggy peaks that forms the eponymous Three Cliffs of Three Cliffs Bay shoot up out of the salt-sprayed shoreline in the distance. Windblown hills of hardy gorse bushes cascade down to the dunes below, and the whitecaps of Bristol Channel roll and froth against the sands. This beautiful camping spot commands a truly gorgeous panorama over the southern edge of the Gower Peninsula – one of the first and most deserving of the UK’s outstanding areas of natural beauty. It’s built on the grounds of an old farm, now converted into a welcoming country shop with local produce, still inhabiting its lichen-dotted real-stone shell. Meanwhile, the hills of inland Gower rise and fall all around, hiding babbling brooks and moss-grown woodlands and countless miles of clifftop walking trails to boot!

Okaukuejo Camp, Namibia

6 of the most beautifully situated campsites in the world

Encircled by the striped zebras, the roaming elephants, lion packs, cackling hyenas and jumping springboks of the great Etosha pans, this wild campsite is housed in the administrative heart of one of West Africa’s oldest national parks. On-site, there are maintained camping cabins and even a swimming pool (perfect for cooling off during those sultry African dry seasons), while the undisputed piece de resistance has to be the floodlit watering hole, which offers night-time game viewing virtually from the comfort of your tent! The resort is mainly built for use of the luxury facilities but the camping is a great way to get closer to wildlife and is included in 6 of the most beautifully situated campsites in the world.

These are just 6 of the most beautifully situated campsites in the world, there are literally thousands more to be found. Feel free to send in your ideas and photographs.

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