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The 9 Best Solo Backpacking Tents

There might be a Reason you are looking for the Best Solo Backpacking Tents?

top 9 Best Solo Backpacking TentsThe Top 9 Best Solo Backpacking Tents

Choosing one of the Best Solo Backpacking Tents for your next trip is a decision that should be influenced by where, when and how you camp. But knowing that the three biggest items to affect your total pack weight are your tent, your backpack and your sleeping bag, investing in a lightweight solo backpacking tent can be the most cost effective way to reduce your load.

What are the Best Solo Backpacking Tents for backpackers?

Unless you are travelling with a partner, a one person tent is all you need to keep dry and secure when it counts. While it might be nice to have the space of a two or three man tent, there really is no need to carry the unnecessary weight when most of your time is spent lying still with your eyes closed. The Best Solo Backpacking Tents are the tents that are most suited to your conditions and keep you dry and comfortable in the most extreme locations.

Are you looking for the Best Solo Backpacking Tents for the best price?

Travelling around the world can become very expensive in a hurry and so investing a decent tent the first time around is a wise choice for the savvy backpacker. To put things into perspective a little bit, the average price of a hotel room in the US in 2014 was $137 per night. With prices of portable 1P tents ranging from $40 to over $1,000 it can be hard to determine which tent is right for you.

Read Gear Assistant’s Top 10 1P Tents for Backpacking Here!

The problem with cheap tents

If your past experiences with camping involved leaking tents and a poor nights sleep then you probably weren’t sleeping in one of the lightweight tents in the list below. The problem with cheap tents is they are often made of cheaper materials that are not only heavier, but fall apart and let water in on the first night in the field. When it comes to buying a tent you don’t have to break the bank to have a good nights sleep, but you can’t buy the cheapest and expect to stay dry.

If you buy the wrong tent, you’re going to have a bad time

When you are Hiking Long Distances or travelling around a lot on a daily basis then the last thing you need is a heavy tent strapped to the back of your pack. Your tent should be a reliable source of shelter to keep you dry when you need it most, without becoming a burden to carry. With so many tents to choose from and mixed user reviews, I have put together a list of the Best Solo Backpacking Tents that are guaranteed to keep the rain out.

1. Hilleberg Akto 1 Man Tent

1. Hilleberg Akto

Award Winning Tent used by Ray Mears on Arctic Expeditions!

The Akto tent is exceptionally lightweight and ideal for solo backpackers who want a tent with four season protection and a tiny pack size. Boasting an innovative design that allows it to provide maximum space for sleeping as well as a huge porch area for muddy boots and gear. The Akto offers unmatched stability for a single pole tent with unique construction and features such as fiberglass rods in the corners, strengthening the tent without significant increase to the weight. With a full-length outer tent, bathtub inner tent and three effective vents – two at the ends and one up high, you get total storm-proofing with maximum ventilation. The Akto can be assembled quickly and efficiently by erecting the inner and outer tent simultaneously with a clever linking system, this is particularly useful in the rain to avoid getting the inner tent wet. Even though this is one of the pricier models, it is still ranked as one of the Best Solo Backpacking Tents in the world.

Weighing in at 1600g with inner dimensions of: W 136cm x L 220cm x H 90cm and a pack size of 17cm x 50cm, this little tent is probably the lightest 4 season tent in the world!

Hilleberg Akto – Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

Hilleberg Akto – Cheapest Price on!

2. Nordisk Telemark One Man Tent

2. Nordisk Telemark Best Solo Backpacking Tents

The Telemark is a very spacious tent with a surprisingly low weight due to the technical construction and making good use of state-of-the-art materials and components. The streamline design is particularly impressive in strong winds and uses fabrics that are guaranteed to keep you dry. Perfect for rough and ready backpackers, this three season beauty is the only tent you will ever need. Available in aluminium or carbon fibre, if shaving grams off your pack weight is important then this a great little option. With such a lightweight construction, there are no compromises to function or comfort. Inner pocket for storage, ventilation through mechanical construction as well as mesh window, easy adjustable guy ropes, magnet closing and the most unique feature – converting the door into a tarp using the corner poles!

Weighing in at 834g with stuff sacks (manufacturer’s weight 770g) and inner dimensions of: W 98cm x L 220cm x H 86cm, the pack size of 12cm x 41cm makes this tent ridiculously small and lightweight!

Nordisk Telemark – Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

Nordisk Telemark – Cheapest Price on!

3. Terra Nova Laser Competition 1 Man Tent

3. Terra Nova Laser Competition

The Terra Nova Laser Competition Tent is one of the more roomy tents on this list, even allowing a second person to squeeze in with you, if you’re friendly enough. The modern day classic tent forsolo backpackers, winning multiple Best In Test awards over the years. Modified in 2011 with a smaller pack size, improved ventilation system and four additional guy points for increased stability. This 3 season tent takes less than 5 minutes to pitch on a bad day and is constructed from Si/Si nylon R/S material which is supported by high-quality DAC Featherlite poles. For those looking for a more flexible camping experience which allows you to carry even less weight, you should consider the FastPack System. This compatible system (sold separately) replaces the inner tent of the Laser Competition 1 with a lightweight footprint which dramatically reduces the overall weight whilst still offering a waterproof sleeping area.

Weighing in at 997g with stuff sacks (manufacturer’s weight 870g) and inner dimensions of: W 93cm x L 220cm x H 95cm, a pack size of 12cm x 40cm keeps you all the more streamline!

Terra Nova Laser Competition – Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

Terra Nova Laser Competition – Cheapest Price on!

4. Snugpak Ionosphere Solo Tent

4. Snugpak Ionoshpere

Used by the British Army, this is a piece of equiptment that will get the job done time after time. The Ionosphere is an extremely small and compact 1 person shelter with a very low profile and is great for those looking for a 1 person shelter to keep out the elements in the wild. With a single entry point, No-See-Um-Mesh and thorough seam taping, this is a very impressive small compact shelter by anyone’s standards. This Bivi Bag Hybrid gives you three to four season flexibility using extra tough, lightweight fabric. When you’re all tucked up at night in this solo tent, you feel incredibly snug and secure no matter what is going on outside. This tent is a solid shelter for people who like to keep a low profile or don’t want to draw attention to themselves, perfect for most survivalists then 😛

With a complete pack weight of 1520g with stuff sacks and a pack size of 10cm x 45cm, an inner dimension of: W 111cm x L 240cm x H 96cm gives you a little bit of extra leg room!

Snugpak Ionosphere – Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

Snugpak Ionosphere – Cheapest Price on!

5. Eureka Down Range Solo

5. Eureka Down Range Solo

The Eureka Down Range Solo Tent is a Paramilitary Tactical style tent for 1 person and is a great piece of backpacking kit. This design derives from a combat tent that Eureka made for the US military – US Armed Forces Tent Combat One Person (TCOP). With a 2 pole, 1 door dome structure with a full coverage Rip Stop fly sheet, Bathtub Floor and a Dual Zippered sleeping pod – this tent is good for 3 solid seasons. The shock corded aluminum poles are strong and stable with an added third pole for the Fly/Vestibule that adds extra stability and space. The main fly and floor seams are factory sealed for out of the box confidence and the porch is floored to help keep your stuff dry. If you plan a rugged solo adventure anytime soon and want the Best Solo Backpacking Tents to handle the tough stuff, then this is your tent! Full coverage Polyester fly has good UV resistance that won’t stretch in changing weather and great ventilation makes this tent a winner for hot climates.

With a complete pack weight of 1400g with stuff sacks and a pack down size of 15cm x 40cm, the floor dimension of: W 81cm x L 229cm gives you just enough space to stretch your legs!

Eureka Down Range Solo – Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

Eureka Down Range Solo – Cheapest Price on!

6. Terra Nova Zephyros

6. Terra Nova Zephyros

From Terra Nova’s Wild Country Series, the Zephyros is a low weight and great value solo tent which uses a proven design to keep out all kinds of bad weather. It uses the Superflex alloy pole and tried and tested Wild Country, high performance flysheet and groundsheet fabrics. Based on an existing highly successful Terra Nova design, the single poled Zephyros tent gives sturdy resistance to bad weather whilst also offering spacious sleeping and storage areas. The tent pitches flysheet and inner together for speed and simplicity and features mesh venting for comfort. Full three season protection and a great RRP on Amazon, the Zephyros is perfect for weight conscious backpackers and price conscious adventure racers.

With a pack weight of 1570g and a pack down size of 14cm x 52cm, this isn’t the lightest tent on the list but it is the best value for money. The inner dimension of: W 96cm x L 220cm x H 100cm gives you enough space to sit up and change clothes as well as cook breakfast in the porch.

Terra Nova Zephyros – Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

Terra Nova Zephyros – Cheapest Price on!

7. Vango Helix

7. Vango Helix

New for 2014, this classic two pole tunnel tent is ideal for those looking for a compact tent for one that is quick and easy to erect. The Helix is a great first tent for those new to lightweight trek based camping and can be pitched in under 5 minutes. Coming packed into a respectable 12cm x 48cm stuff sack and being the lowest priced model in Vango’s new range, this should strongly appeal to weekend backpackers. This tent does a great job of keeping out bad weather and is very sturdy with proper pitching. Vango provide affordable equipment with really good quality, helping more people get out there exploring with the farce of gear failure.

Three season protection, inside dimensions of W 100cm x L 220cm x H 88cm and a pack weight of 1573g takes away the hassle of carrying a big heavy tent.

Vango Helix – Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

Vango Helix – Cheapest Price on!

8. Eureka Solitaire

8. Eureka Solitaire 1

Perfect for solo trekking and walkabouts, the Eureka Solitaire is lightest, most compact three season solo tent made by Eureka. It’s also extremely well ventilated with a large mesh roof, great for stargazing during summer trips and keeping the bugs out. The mesh roof has a full length zip running along the top which provides an extra entrance / exit and is very original as far as tent design goes. This two-hoop bivy design offers an efficient tunnel design, with a durable 6.3 mm fiberglass frame is shock corded for fast set up. The full coverage fly is attached, so it can be rolled back or put in place very quickly. To see the full thing in action check out the Amazon link below for pics and reviews.

With lengthy dimensions of: W 86 cm x L 244 cm x H 71 cm and an adequate porch, not much bad can be said for this tent. Weighing just 1200g and packing down to 10cm x 45cm, it is no wonder so many people have this tent!

Eureka Solitaire – Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

Eureka Solitaire – Cheapest Price on!

9. Eureka Amari Pass Solo

9. Eureka Amari Pass Solo 1 Best Solo Backpacking Tents

The Eureka Amari Pass Solo is a three season tent with a small profile and a tough reputation among long distance hikers as one of the Best Solo Backpacking Tents. It has one end entry door and one attached storage vestibule with shock corded aluminum poles and handy clips make for a fast set up or take down. Eureka has enhanced the livability of this tent with the new V3 Enhanced Tent System to increase ventilation, volume, and end user versatility by maximizing frame, fly, tent body, and guy-out design features. It includes a full coverage fly that protects the tent from the worst weather and the mesh walls provide great ventilation and stargazing opportunities. Full coverage Polyester fly has good UV resistance and won’t stretch in wet weather the build quality is very good.

With slimline dimensions of W 92cm x L 209cm x H 71cm this tent compacts everything you need into a 1647g, 13cm x 41cm parcel that straps easily to your pack.

Eureka Amari Pass Solo – Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

Eureka Amari Pass Solo – Cheapest Price on!

Stay tuned for more of the Best Solo Backpacking Tents Reviews and news.

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