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The Benefits of Traveling Solo

The Benefits of Traveling Solo

Benefits of Travelling Solo

Benefits of Travelling Solo

If you’ve got wanderlust, you’re itching to travel right now—even if means going alone. Indeed, many of us are urged to go traveling when we finish college or university, before we’re settled down with a house and a spouse. You might wonder whether it’s better to wait until you’re in a happy relationship, but there are many benefits of traveling solo—and it’s actual ideal for many people.

The lone wolf

While some people are social butterflies, there are also the lone wolves among us—those who prefer their own company and like to get away from people for a while. If you’re a lone wolf, traveling solo is ideal for you. This is because traveling in a couple or with a friend can be intense—you spend a huge amount of time together and don’t get much time alone time. So if you like your own space and company, it’s better to travel solo than feel suffocated by a travel buddy.

The scaredy cat

Traveling solo is also a great experience for scaredy cats—those who are shy, timid, or lacking confidence. Traveling solo forces you to challenge yourself, to put yourself in new situations, and to make yourself speak to new people, because there’s nobody there to hide behind. It pushes you out of your comfort zone, and outside is where the magic happens! If you go traveling solo as a scaredy cat, you’ll return a tiger.

The hermit crab

If you find yourself stuck in your environment and you want to get out and meet new people, traveling solo is perfect. Whether your current social circle is small or you feel trapped in your situation, traveling solo can help you break out of your shell. When you’re on traveling solo, you’ll meet tons of new people, develop lasting friendships, and expand your social circle—especially if you’re staying in hostels or working abroad.

The lost soul

It sounds awfully cheesy when people say they’re going traveling to “find themselves”, and what it usually means is an excuse to behave outrageously, but it’s undoubtable that travel changes you. You’ll experience and see things that will make you discover more about yourself. Traveling solo gives you a great opportunity to get to know yourself better as an individual, what you want from life, and what you don’t want. So if you feel a little lost, traveling solo is perfect for you.

The unhappy couple

Some people choose to go travelling as a couple or with a friend rather than going solo, but if the relationship isn’t solid, then travelling can quickly kill the friendship or love affair. Travelling solo is always better than traveling with the wrong person, as choosing a bad travel buddy means you’ll both have a horrible time and probably regret the experience. If you’re not certain that your friend or partner is the perfect travel companion for you, then it’s better to travel solo.

The Benefits of Travelling Solo

The charging bull

Traveling as a couple requires a large amount of compromise, whether it’s the small matter of what to eat for dinner or the large decision of where to go next—but some people just want to do their own thing. So if you know you want to trek through the jungle, go snowboarding every day, or hike terrifying mountain ranges, then it’s best not to drag someone along with you who just wants to relax on the beach. If you don’t want to compromise on your adventure, then traveling solo will be much more fun and fulfilling for you.

The ticking clock

For some people, the urge to go traveling is so strong that every second spent at home feels like a second wasted. If you’ve got a burning desire to go traveling but don’t have anyone to go with right now, then take the plunge and go it alone! Don’t wait around for the perfect person to appear—follow your feet and travel solo. There’s always the opportunity to go traveling again, but as a couple, if you meet someone in the future. But if you sit around waiting for a travel partner now, you might be waiting forever.

Thanks for reading the Benefits of Travelling Solo and stay tuned for the benefits of traveling as a couple

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