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Top 10 Hammocks for Camping and Hiking!

Check out these Top 10 Hammocks for Camping and Hiking around the World and get ready for a great nights sleep!

How many times have you tossed and turned in the night because of uneven ground, rocks or tree roots that “weren’t there” when you pitched your tent?

top 10 hammocks for camping Fox Outfitters Neolite Trek Parachute Hammock

TTTM parachute hammock

Getting a good nights sleep whilst camping isn’t always easy, especially when the only available camping options are hard or lumpy ground. Unless you have one of these Top 10 Hammocks for Camping and Hiking that is. Sleeping in a hammock after a long day of outdoor pursuits is a real treat and once you try it, you won’t want to sleep on the ground. Bad experiences with thin sleeping mats and poor quality tents can be enough to put some people off camping for life! While sleeping in a hammock is a fun and enjoyable experience, consistently providing a comfortable and reliable nights sleep.  Don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong type of hammock and consider one of these Top 10 Hammocks for Camping and Hiking, even if you are just looking for a hammock for the back yard.

Read ENO Vs. Fox Outfitters Hammock comparison review here!

Hammock envy isn’t healthy so just buy your own!

When you need to get off the ground and out of the reach of scorpions, snakes, insects and spiders, a good hammock is all you need. Considering that a lot of the hammocks in this list have detachable bug nets and optional rain covers, these hammocks can do everything a tent can do and more. While most people will opt for matching components, I recommend putting together you own kit of separate bug net and rain-fly to both cut down on weight and match your individual requirements.

Looking for a sleeping system even more lightweight than the lightest solo backpacking tent?

If shaving grams of your pack is of importance to you, it is entirely possible to put together the most lightweight materials and accessories to create a compact 3 season hammock weighing under 600g. The benefit of not having tent poles is that everything fits inside your backpack, instead of typically strapping your tent to the outside of your bag. Keeping a slim profile with you pack is ideal for hiking through tight canyons and thick brush, where as tents can create uneven pack loads and get stuck on things to become a real pain in the ass.

Comfort, compact or ultra-lightweight?

For some people comfort is more important than weight, which is why I have included a wide range of hammocks that will appeal to different people for different reasons. You may want a lightweight hammock to take on a Long Distance Walk, or you may want a strong hammock you can leave up in the garden or throw in the back of the camper van. Either way you want something you can trust. Check out this list of the Top 10 Hammocks for Camping and imagine how much better your life will be swaying gently in the breeze!

1. Hennessy Expedition Zip Hammock – Best All Round!

top 10 hammocks for camping Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym0

This is the most popular of Hennessy Hammock range and also our Favorite All Rounder Hammock. With patented features including mesh pocket on the ridge line and complimentary 42″ webbing straps to protect the bark of trees, this hammock sets the bar pretty high. An asymmetrical shape and 30% larger rain-fly than the Scout model, the new 70D (catenary cut) rain-fly reduces weight and wrinkles as well as protecting you from all angles. All Hennessy Hammocks come complete with attached mosquito netting, detachable rain fly, support ropes and stuff sack making this ideal for people who want an all in one sleeping system.

Made from 210 D Oxford nylon, the Expedition Asym can easily hold up to 250 lbs with a comfortable height limit of 180 cm. Weighing just 1160 grams and packing down to a compact size of 4 x 7 x 9 inches, leaves valuable pack space for all important food and water. This All-Purpose Hammock System really is the bees knees – great for backpacking, family camping, expeditions, kayaking, motorcycling, and is reliable in every country around the globe. If you are serious about getting a hammock and camping out in the wild, check out the Expedition Asym and become one with your environment. For more Information and Customer Reviews – Click Here!

Hennessy Expedition Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on!

Hennessy Expedition Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

2. Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock – Best For Comfort!

top 10 hammocks for camping The Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock Tent Allows You To Mount Your Tent In Trees

Rated as the the #1 Best Hammock for Camping by publications Backpacker and Outside Magazine as well as the American Survival Guide, this hammock isn’t about being Ultra lightweight. The Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock is about maximum comfort and durability! With a rigid structure keeping the bed “taut” and eliminating the “cocoon” effect, the unique arch pole and spreader bar system is like nothing else on the market, you can camp virtually anywhere you want. Suspend between two trees as a hammock or on the ground as a traditional 1 man tent, the Lawson Blue Ridge is the number 1 reason people are adopting a life in the trees.

Made from high quality rip-stop nylon with 250 lbs weight capacity, roomy interior (86in.x 42in) and a 1 year warranty, the only downside is the total weight of 1930 grams, making it the heaviest pack on the list, albeit the most comfortable. Comes with detachable rain-fly and no-see-um netting sewn in to keep you totally dry and bug free. When packed, it measures 22 x 6 inches, so it is fairly compact when compared with a tent. The Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock sets up in under 5 minutes no matter what type of environment you are in which is what makes this amazing piece of kit number 2 on our list! For more Information and Customer Reviews – Click Here!

Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on!

Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

3. Eagles Nest Outfitters SingleNest Hammock – Best For Travel!

top 10 hammocks for camping Eagles Nest Outfitters Single Nest Hammock 1

Don’t feel like sharing a tent? The SingleNest understands you. Pull the SingleNest out of its pint sized stuff sack at 5 x 5 x 3 inches, clip it to your handy Slap Straps using your aluminium wiregate carabiners, and settle in for some personal you time. Lightweight enough to make the backpacker’s cut at 455 grams and robust enough for backyard luxury, the SingleNest is the go-to hammock for any outdoor occasion. Popular with Gap year students and adventurous travelers, the ENO SingleNest outperforms most other comparable hammocks in its price range as well as coming in some well funky colours.

Made from high strength, breathable woven nylon and triple interlocking stitching, the recommended maximum capacity of 400 lbs is strong enough for two people at a push. Nautical grade line with stainless-steel snap links safely secure to trees or any other type of structure that can bear your weight. Versatile, durable, and compact makes the ENO SingleNest ideal for hiking, camping, boating, traveling, fishing, or just relaxing. For more Information and Customer Reviews – Click Here!

ENO SingleNest Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on!

ENO SingleNest Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

4. Hennessy Explorer Deluxe Asym Classic Hammock

top 10 hammocks for camping hennessy-hammock-explorer-deluxe

At 10 ft.long and made from Oxford nylon, the Hennessy Explorer Deluxe Hammock is designed for a comfortable nights sleep with maximum leg room to stretch your legs. With patented easy entry through the bottom, the entrance automatically snaps shut behind you as weight tensions the seals with VELCRO® brand closure. Patented integral ridge line maintains the same comfortable shape through the night to keep your back straight and level when resting on a diagonal. No-see-um mesh provides excellent insect protection and ventilation, deflecting wind to provide a calm space inside. Waterproof polyester ripstop rain-fly may be tilted to many different angles, rolled up above, removed or used separately on the ground.

Suspension system includes 10 ft. long, 1800 lb low-stretch polyester core ropes giving a total load capacity of 300 lbs, including tree straps to protect tender bark and extend the life of your rope. Packing into a tidy stuff sack measuring 8 x 12 inches and weighing just 1590 grams, this sleeping set up is small enough to temp most people away from traditional tents. Set up takes just 3 minutes and folds into an open-air lounger/chair so you can watch the happy campers mess around with tent poles and pegs. Functional as a ground tent when paired with hiking poles makes this an all round winner at a very reasonable price. For more Information and Customer Reviews – Click Here!

Hennessy Explorer Deluxe Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on!

Hennessy Explorer Deluxe Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

5. Grand Trunk Single Parachute Nylon Hammock – Most Compact!

top 10 hammocks for camping Grand Trunk Single Parachute Nylon Hammock

The Grand Trunk Single Parachute Nylon Hammock packs down to the size of a coconut so you can throw it in your backpack for an ultralight sleep system that lets you leave your tent and sleeping mat at home. With 10 different color combinations to choose from, all compressing down to a tiny 4 x 7 inches.

High-strength, mildew-resistant parachute nylon with triple-stitched seams and nautical grade carabiners support up to 400 lbs. Includes rope, instructions and the stuff sack is attached to the hammock itself to be used as easy access storage while in use. Dimensions of 10.5 x 6.5ft make this single person hammock big enough for two people to snuggle in to. Weighing in at just 450 grams this is the perfect hammock for everyday use and well within the budget of most hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. For more Information and Customer Reviews – Click Here!

Grand Trunk Single Parachute Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on!

Grand Trunk Single Parachute Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

6. Fox Outfitters Neolite Trek Parachute Hammock – Most Lightweight!

top 10 hammocks for camping Fox Outfitters Neolite Trek Parachute Hammock 1

The Neolite Trek Hammock is the most lightweight hammock on our list weighing just 370 grams, making it the perfect choice for Long Distance Walking, backpacking or travel. Using super strong, breathable and quick drying woven nylon, triple interlocking stitches help this hammock to take some serious abuse on the trail. Two solid steel carabiners and extra tough 5 ft 6 inch nautical grade hang ropes include tree friendly rope sleeves for quick and easy set up. Hang ropes pack into the integrated drawstring stuff sack when not in use, which also doubles as a convenient storage bag for your gear, gadgets or other personal items.

Without compromising on strength and support, this ultralight hammock is extremely compact for maximum portability, holding a whopping 400 lbs maximum capacity. A pack size of 6 x 5 inches and weight of just 370 grams, this is the type of hammock you can throw in your daysack for daily use. If cheap and cheerful is what you want with the added bonus of decent quality, take a look at the Neolite Trek. For more Information and Customer Reviews – Click Here!

Fox Outfitters Neolite Trek Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on!

Fox Outfitters Neolite Trek Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

7. Snugpak Jungle Hammock

top 10 hammocks for camping Snugpak Jungle Hammock

Used by armed forces all over the world, the Jungle Hammock by Snugpak is great for those who don’t want to carry a tent but want protection from insects. This Jungle Hammock comes with mosquito netting built right into the lining but is also available without the netting allowing you to use the hammock with separate components if you wish. Its great for those looking for a simple solution when out in about in the woods or traveling the jungles of the world. The Snugpak comes with 4 pieces of 10 foot guy ropes as well as a suspension attachment system and steel carabiners for attaching the suspension system.

Manufactured from parachute nylon material to make this hammock lightweight and strong enough to hold up to 400 lbs. Complete weight including the hammock with net, carabiners and guy ropes is 790 grams and with a lightweight tarp gives you a shelter under 1kg. A respectable packed down size of 8 x 7 x 2.5 inches means it will tuck neatly inside your pack for added convenience. For more Information and Customer Reviews – Click Here!

Snugpak Jungle Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on!

Snugpak Jungle Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

8. Grand Trunk Skeeter Pro Hammock

top 10 hammocks for camping Grand-Truck-skeeter beeter pro

Lightweight and durable with a built in mosquito net, this compact set up is a fortress against biting insects. Rest assured while camping or hiking in any insect rich area with this lightweight, durable hammock, the no-see-um mesh net keeps the hordes of flying assailants at bay. Double-sided zippers allow easy access and plenty of room to kick back and relax. A great all rounder at a reasonable price makes this an easy choice from the Top 10 Hammocks for Camping and Hiking.

Triple stitched reinforcements on the mesh and fabric show great build quality and boost the overall strength of the hammock. Made from 100% parachute nylon, 400 lbs capacity and an overall weight of 795 grams makes this a heavy duty piece of kit that is incredibly lightweight. The attached stuff sack doubles as some quick storage and the nautical grade carabiners are a nice touch also. If the coast is clear and you don’t need the mosquito netting, just flip the hammock over and sit on it as a normal hammock. With a pack size of 10.6 x 5 inches you will hardly even notice it is in your pack. For more Information and Customer Reviews – Click Here!

Grand Trunk Skeeter Pro Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on!

Grand Trunk Skeeter Pro Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

9. Tribe Provisions Compact Adventure Hammock

top 10 hammocks for camping Tribe Provisions Compact Adventure Hammock blue

Tribe Provisions engineered this single-person, adventure hammock to withstand punishing conditions while being small enough to carry with you into the back country in your daysack. About the size of a two litre water bottle and weighing just 610 grams, this thing is tiny small. With this hammock in hand, you can wander into the wilderness knowing that there will be a place to rest your head even if there is snow on the ground. Taking less than 5 minutes to set up allows you to step boldly into the sunset before having to leave the trail to look for shelter.

When you buy a Tribe Hammock, you get everything you will need: Screwgate carabiners that will never bend or break; fray-resistant polypropylene cables made to be used over and over again; a stuff-bag attached to the hammock so it will never wander off; and, a glow-in-the-dark Tribe “sun” image on the front to help locate in the dark. High quality 210T nylon holds up to 400 lbs capacity and two 10 foot Polypropylene lashing cables can wrap round some pretty big tree trunks. Packing into a parcel size of 4.5 x 4.9 x 8.6 inches, the Tribe Hammock will become an essential tool in your quest for adventure and with fantastic value for money. For more Information and Customer Reviews – Click Here!

Tribe Provisions Adventure Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on!

Tribe Provisions Adventure Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

10. Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock – Most Discreet!

top 10 hammocks for camping Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock3

At roughly 490 grams, Grand Trunk’s Ultralight travel is a no fuss hammock lives up to its name, this baby isn’t going to weigh you down, and even your toddler can carry it. Featuring durable polyester taffeta which is mildew resistant and machine washable, perfect for use instead of a bulky sleeping bag and tent during summer months. Strength is boosted by tough S hooks and triple-stitched seams, unfolding to 9.5 x 4.5 Feet and holding upwards of 200 lbs.

When it’s time to travel light and fast, turn to the Ultra-Light Hammock from Grand Trunk. The UL Hammock is made of 100 % polyester taffeta, which is not only comfortable enough for quick naps and multi-day adventures, but also packs down to a mere 8 x 7 x 2 inches. As a result, it’s a breeze to bring this hammock on long hikes without weighing down your pack. Also compatible with a sleeping pad, you can create the ultimate off-the-ground sleeping solution by purchasing mosquito net and lightweight tarp. Equipped with an attached stuff sack for easy transport, the UL Hammock is a must have piece of kit for any hiking enthusiast and carries a 2 year warranty. For more Information and Customer Reviews – Click Here!

Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on!

Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock – Today’s Cheapest Price on Amazon UK!

*Other notable Hammocks include the Warbonnet Blackbird and the DD Hammocks range.

Thanks for reading Top 10 Hammocks for Camping and Hiking, look out for our list of the top 10 rain-fly and bug netting systems to go with your new hammock!

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